Bee on Flower



Honey Bee Swarm

During the summer we are extremely busy preventing our own bees from swarming; consequently we are unable to help with bee related problems.

However, the following may be useful -

Are they honey bees, bumble bees or wasps? Bumble bees are fat and furry/orange/yellow or white striped.

Wasps are bright yellow and black with no visible hair Honey bees are as per the pictures on this web site.

Honey Bee Swarm

Honey bees are the only ones that hang in a cluster on trees and hedges and this is the ideal time for them to be taken by bee-keepers and re-housed.

Local police stations hold registers of bee keepers who are willing to come out and collect swarms

Also the British Bee Keepers Association will have more information of local swarm collectors.